Nursing time management case studies

Both worked three hour shifts a week, Jan in the day-to-evening shift and Ronnie at night.

Nursing time management case studies

Demands from all directions require you to multitask and sometimes be ultra-efficient. The patient's well-being is always front and center, so nurses must wrap their myriad duties around that primary function.

Sometimes every minute matters, so here are some nursing time management tips. It is your most beneficial time management tool. In nursing schoolyou learn basic skills and the information needed to answer exam questions. On the job, the only way to know what comes first at any given moment is through practice.

It is difficult for new nurses to avoid falling back into a reactionary mode, bouncing from one task to another. To avoid that, begin your workday with as complete a picture as you can develop.

Keeping in mind that safety always comes first, devise a triage system that arranges patients' needs while blending in unit responsibilities.

Try to stay a few steps ahead so that you will be better ready for unexpected needs that are certain to happen every day, throughout the day. You should be familiar with how long it takes different things to happen on your unit. Little things add up. Few things are carved in stone in your profession, and you have to be able to arrange tasks on the fly.

Flexibility is the key component to any prioritization plan. Be Organized It's almost impossible to prioritize and be disorganized at the same time.

You need to know where things are and to keep them that way. It helps to start your shift early. Doing so better prepares you for the workday but also makes for a smoother transition. Expect a thorough report from the nurse you relieve and do the same at the end of your day.

Leverage Points

An experienced nurse develops a routine structure. At the same time, she can often "feel" a hectic day even before her shift begins, and organizes that routine accordingly. Individual nurses develop all sorts of strategies to keep up with the daily barrage of information.

Some keep a report sheet and jot down things like medication times, call back numbers, tests due, special dietary needs, questions for doctors and much more. You might even use different colors of ink representing certain tasks.

Delegate Nurses who try to do it all often think other staff won't do their jobs properly. For example, you have a patient who urgently needs a bath while another is due for surgery.

You have the choice of postponing a patient's hygienic need or fouling up a busy surgical schedule. A third option is to expect the CNA sitting at the desk to do her job. Doing the work of other staff at the expense of a patient is not good nursing.

Delegation is done with care.

Nursing time management case studies

As the RN, it is your responsibility that delegated tasks are performed appropriately. It is imperative to match the task with a qualified person. For instance, you wouldn't ask an occupational therapy aide to take a patient's vital signs.

Utilize Teamwork Similarly, you and other nurses need a strong sense of teamwork. Huge chunks of time are wasted when one nurse is swamped while another sits by. During a shift, nurses need to plan together.3 Transition to Practice: Critical Thinking Clinical Reasoning Prioritizing nursing care may be based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

We must meet the. 5 Nursing Time Management Tips March 14, • General • 0 Comments Experienced nurses know how fast-paced their job can be. Demands from all directions .

Nursing time management case studies

Case Study in Nursing Leadership and Management - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. “That’s how they teach time management in many nursing schools; but nurses have to remember that they can’t do everything they set out to do that day unless, of .

The following case study illustrates the clinical role of advanced practice nurses in the management of a patient with type 2 diabetes. Case Presentation A.B. is a retired year-old man with a . Case Study Report: Patient Care Management and Studies show that racial and ethnic a case management decision support system enabling case managers to track, manage, and access health information for individual patients and populations with one or multiple chronic illnesses.

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